There are lots of companies who will let anyone log in and start delivering. While that sounds great, it opens the door to scary situations with untrained people handling your sensitive errands and deliveries.

At Pronto, all our couriers go through the most thorough training program in the industry.

  • ApplicantsĀ must apply in person and are interviewed by a manager

  • Multiple References are a must and they areĀ verified

  • A criminal background search is completed before anyone goes on the road

  • All couriers sign a confidentiality agreement. Anything we do for you is kept 100% confidential

  • Couriers go out for on the job training with a courier trainer for up to 1 week

  • Couriers are walked through policies and procedures with a manager

  • All new couriers work one on one with a senior dispatcher to help them gain experience. This helps new couriers develop into delivery all-stars faster than they could anywhere else.

  • All couriers are Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act(AODA) trained

  • Performance is monitored and only the best couriers continue to work with us

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