Almost anything. We have delivered everything from envelopes to airplane engines. With bikes, cars, suv, minivans, and cube vans available we can take care of just about all your delivery and errand needs.
Pronto accepts all major credit cards. We do not accept cash or checks. All transactions are cashless and go through the Pronto App.
You will see a check mark appear after placing the order confirming it went through. You can then touch the delivery icon to track your delivery in real time.
Learn how the app works here.
Yes. All Pronto drivers can make purchases on your behalf up to $250.00 including tax. If you need a Pronto driver to make a purchase over $250.00 a manager will need your special authorization.
All purchases made on your behalf with have an additional 5% service fee added to the purchase price to cover credit card and transaction fees.
Pronto uses for all credit card transactions. Your info is secured and safe with them.
We currently service the GTA. See map for the service area. Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa will be coming soon.
The cost per delivery is based on 2 main items. 1. How far do we have to travel from pick up to delivery. The further the distance the more it costs. 2. How fast do you need it delivered. The faster you need it done, the more the delivery will cost.
Before each delivery is accepted you will get an estimate on the price. This estimate is for the delivery and is accurate. The rate is based on how far we have to travel and how fast you want it done.
If you place an order to pick up and deliver ASAP, that will be more expensive than giving us an order ready at 10am and it only needs to be delivered between 5 and 9pm.
The larger the delivery window, the lower the cost.
Each delivery includes 10lbs free and 10 minutes of waiting time. After 10lbs you will be charged an additional 0.19 cents per pound. After 10 minutes of waiting time you are charged .50 for each additional minute for a bike and car and $1.00 each additional minute for SUV, Van and Cube Van.
  • SUV have an additional surcharge of $14.99 (this will already be added into the estimate you see)
  • Vans have an additional surcharge of $24.99 (this will already be added into the estimate you see)
  • Cube Vans an additional surcharge of $74.99 (this will already be added into the estimate you see)
If special instructions are given to the driver to make additional stops, then there could be additional charges for that as well.
If you need something done downtown you’ll most likely want to select a bike. Not only is using a bike cheaper, but there is less of an impact on the environment. A bike can pick up items up to 15lbs and must be a manageable size. Some bikes are more skilled at the fine art of balancing large light objects, a good rule to follow is nothing bigger than a 12 by 12 by 6 inch box.
  • Cars can pick up deliveries with a total weight of up to 150lbs.
  • When your deliveries weigh more than that, then you’ll have to select a SUV.
  • SUV can take up to 350lbs.After 350lbs you’ll need a minivan.
  • MiniVan can take up to 1000lbs.
After that you ll need one of our cube vans which can take up to 8000lbs or 8 skids.
Yes. On the pickup page where it says Pickup Time you can enter the day and time your pick up will be ready.
Go into your deliveries choose the delivery and at the bottom of the screen you can hit cancel. Please be advised if the order has been dispatched to a driver for more than 10 minutes you will be charged half the delivery fee.
Monday to Friday: 7am to Midnight. Last pick up request must be in by 10pm.
Saturday and Sunday: 830am to Midnight. Last Pick up request must be in by 9pm.
Yes. We are open 365 days a year.
We can pick up during the day and hold your delivery for up 2 days before delivering. After 2 days we’ll have to charge you $10 a week for storage for smaller items and $50 a week for larger items.
Once you’ve logged into the Pronto APP click on the deliveries icon and you can see the status in realtime. You will also receive push notifications on your delivery as it progresses.
You can call the office and we can contact the driver on your behalf. Or, you can click on the phone image in the delivery tracking page top right hand corner.
Yes. We can leave packages in mailboxes, side doors, inside the garage, or anywhere you direct us to in the notes section. You must give us the OK and we will follow instructions. Please keep in mind, if you give us the OK to leave without a signature and the items goes missing, we are not responsible.
If you need to change the delivery address once we’ve picked up that is not a problem. Call or email the office ASAP. Depending on the distance change to the new address, there could be an additional fee.
Unfortunately, with traffic and weather there can be delays with your delivery. When we are running late you will get a call or text advising you of the delay.
We do not deliver to PO boxes.
We always try to pick up your order as soon as possible. Dispatch will be focusing on your delivery window time. Sometimes a pickup could take a couple hours if your delivery request is several hours later. If you need to leave, or want something picked up right away, please let us know in the driver notes.
You do not have to tip the driver. Should you feel the driver went above and beyond and want to express that with a tip that is up to you. 100% of any tip goes directly to the driver.
Yikes. The last thing we want to hear. If you are not completely satisfied with your Pronto experience, we want to know right away. You can call or email and someone will get back to you within 2 hours or sooner during our operating hours.
Each delivery you place with us is automatically insured up to $200.00. If want to add additional insurance you must contact us before the order is placed. Certain criteria must be met and is accepted on a case by case basis.
No. We are not a taxi company. Besides, you should be using us to do your deliveries and errands while you are doing something better with your time.
The larger your delivery window is, the less expensive the delivery will be. While you have something picked up at noon and want it delivered when you re home at 5pm sharp, it will cost X. But if you tell us to delivery between 5 and 8pm while you re home it will be much cheaper.
The driver GPS is pinged every 30 seconds. If a driver encounters waiting time he must notify the dispatcher who will log it. If there are any discrepancies, the driver location log will be checked.
Our drivers go through extensive training before they get on the road to take care of things for you. Read more about it here.
We are not a moving company that supplies people, boxes, etc… What we can do is arrive with a large truck. You load it up. The driver will drive to your destination and you unload the truck. Please keep in mind you will be billed for the delivery and any waiting time while you load and unload.
In the Pronto App go to account icon, touch credit card and you can add or remove a card.
In the Pronto App go to account icon, touch it and you will have a list of options you can make changes to.
Once logged into the Pronto App, go to the account icon and you can change the password there.
If you forgot your password, you can touch the forgot password on the login screen. Enter your email and a new password will be sent to you by text.
Then go inside the app once logged in to your account. You can change the password there.
Yes. Let us know which store you would like to offer Pronto services, and we will personally reach out to them and invite them to join. Please include your promo code so they can get $10.00 off their first delivery and you can make 10% of what that store spends for the next 6 months! A truly win win win situation!
When you place your first order there will be a green promo button on the estimate page. Before you hit Pronto to accept it, touch the green button and enter your promo code. Then hit Pronto!

Download the Pronto App today and try it for Free. Use promo code ipronto to get $10.00 off your first delivery.