Open the order screen and it will automatically use your current location.

You can change the address by dragging the Pronto icon across the map


Start typing over the address that appears at the top of your screen.

Adding the name of the person or business we’re picking up at is optional (but helpful).

Pick up time is next

The default is Ready Now. If your pickup is not ready, tap Ready Now on the screen and enter the time your pick up will be ready.

Driver Notes

Tell us what we’re picking up. If there are unit numbers, buzzer numbers, dogs we need worry about etc… enter that info here.

Purchase at Pickup

If you need the driver to pay for something on your behalf, enter the amount here. If you authorize $20.00 and the final total is $25.00, you will get a call before the driver will proceed. Just a reminder, there is a 5% transaction fee on any items we purchase on your behalf.

What vehicle will be needed? Bike is always the best choice for downtown to downtown deliveries.

What vehicle you choose after that depends on the size of the pick up and the weight. Here are the guidelines to help you.


Onto the delivery

The address will automatically select your current location. Same steps as adding a pickup address.


Your delivery window

Tap the screen where the delivery between date and time appears you can select ASAP, (As Soon As Possible) or you can enter a delivery window that works best for you. The more time we have to deliver, by giving a larger delivery window, the lower the delivery cost. A delivery window of 4 hours will automatically appear. You can change it to what ever meets your needs.

You could have a pick up ready now at IKEA. You’ll only be home for 5:30pm and will be ok with getting that delivered up to 9pm. Your price will be based on being able to deliver between 5:30 and 9pm. Which will be much lower than delivering right at 5:30pm.

You control the times that work best for you.

You'll notice the vehicle selection is still there. In case you realized you need to make a change you don’t have to go back to the 1st screen.

Get an Estimate

The screen will summarize all you’ve entered. Looks good.

Hit Pronto and your order is live.

You can track the progress by tapping the delivery icon. You will also get push notifications for the different stages of your delivery.

Once an order is complete it will be available for viewing in delivery history. Go to the tracking icon and scroll down to see all your past deliveries. They will appear in order of the most recent placed.

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