It’s Never Been Easier To Make Money Promoting An App!

Yes, we’ re going to give you real money, not credits you may never use.

Pronto will pay you a 10% referral fee on all deliveries your referrals place for the next 6 months. That can turn into some serious bank!

Share Pronto with your social network. If a person spends $100 a month on deliveries, we send you a check for $10. (10% of the $100).

Now, if 100 people in your network spend that, then you're looking at an extra $1000/month. It can add up very fast.

The 6 month clock starts when they place their first order. You will receive a check every month when the amount is over $100. If it’s under $100 we will wait until it accumulates to $100 and send it out.

What’s the catch?

  • The order must come through the app.

  • The order must be validated through a final credit card payment.

  • If someone uses their $10.00 promo on their first order, you’re not getting 10% on the free credit. Only on billable delivery transactions.

  • The referral fee is based on the delivery service before tax, not on any goods purchased on clients behalf.

How Do You Get Started Promoting Pronto?

It’s easy. Download the app. Create an account.

Goto the Account icon. Click on SEND PROMO to get your unique promo code.

Start sending that free $10.00 delivery promo code to everyone you know. Yes, send it to everyone. Post it on your Facebook, Instagram etc…

Don’t judge who you think may or may not use Pronto. You never know if they will. You may be surprised who will make you the most money on referrals.

Download the Pronto App today and try it for Free. Use promo code ipronto to get $10.00 off your first delivery.