Pronto is currently available in Toronto and the GTA. We will soon be available in Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Calgary.

We can pick up, deliver and do errands inside this area.

Pronto Pricing is based on distance and time.

Time: The more time we have to do your delivery the less it will cost you. It’s important to take advantage of the flexible delivery windows to lower your cost even more.

Distance: The further we have to travel the more the delivery will cost.

An estimate will always be provided on the delivery charge before you put the order through.

There could be additional charges added, such as weight and waiting time that will not appear in the estimate because they often are only added after the pick up takes place.

Each delivery includes 10lbs free and there is a charge of $0.19 for each additional lbs.

Each delivery includes 10 minutes of free time at the pick up and at the delivery. If a driver has to wait, or stand in line, or pick up various items in a store, walk up and down 4 flights of stairs, etc… there is an additional charge after 10 minutes.

Each additional minute is billed at $0.50/min for a Bike, Car, and Suv and $1.00/min for a Mini van, Cargo Van and Cube van.

Any purchases made on your behalf will have a 5% surcharge on the amount paid.

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